Portable Man Lift, 14m

  • Capacity

    200kg (441lbs)
  • Platform size

    1450*600mm (5*2ft)
  • Lifting height

    14m (46ft)
  • Dual controls operation
  • Emergency lowing system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Overload protection
  • Dual activated up/down switch
  • Locking key switch
  • Leveling indicator
  • AC to platform


Aluminum lift is made up of high grade aluminum profile and equipped with the universal wheels, beautiful structure, compact main body, light weighted, safe and reliable; the control panels are available on the lift platforms and ground. 


vertical mast lift application
vertical mast lift application
vertical mast lift application
vertical mast lift application

Aluminum lift is mainly used for the painting, clean, installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as star hotels, modern workshops, business hall, hotels, lobby,


vertical mast lift heavy Truck loading wheels make it easy to load the lift onto trucks by one man.

Truck loading wheels

Forklift pockets make the forklift loads and unloads the aluminum mast lift easily.

Forklift pockets

Auxiliary mobile wheels make it move easily on tough ground

Auxiliary mobile wheels

 The lift could be operated only after the four outrigger are well assemble and the lights show green.

Interlock outrigger indicator

Double hand operation button on control panel on ground and platform to avoid unconscious operation, AC power on platform for convenient use.

Double hand operation button

Insert type aluminum alloy outrigger leg with bigger force area and more stable when working

Outrigger leg

Model Max.Working Platform Loading Capacity platform Size Overtall Length Overall Width Overall Height Weight
TAM0.2S-6B 8.3m 6.3m 250kg 1.45*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.45m 490kg
TAM0.2S-8B 9.8m 7.8m 250kg 1.45*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.45m 535kg
TAM0.2S-9B 11.3m 9.3m 250kg 1.45*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.45m 580kg
TAM0.2S-11B 12.8m 10.8m 250kg 1.45*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.45m 625kg
TAM0.2S-12B 14m 12m 200kg 1.85*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.88m 710kg
TAM0.2-8B 9.8m 7.8m 250kg 1.73*0.7m 1.99m 0.88m 1.88m 585kg
TAM0.2-9B 11.3m 9.3m 250kg 1.73*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.88m 630kg
TAM0.2-11B 12.6m 10.6m 250kg 1.73*0.7m 1.99m 0.81m 1.88m 675kg
TAM0.2-12B 14.2m 12.2m 250kg 1.73*0.7m 1.99m 0.9m 1.97m 780kg
TAM0.2-13B 15.6m 13.6m 200kg 1.73*0.7m 1.99m 0.9m 1.97m 815kg
TAM0.2-14B 16.2m 14.2m 200kg 1.73*0.7m 2.3m 0.9m 1.97m 850kg

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