Our knowledgeable, responsive warranty team is here to help make your warranty experience as seamless as possible. 

You can opt to maximize your Gemway equipment’s guarantee by way of an extended service protection plan. 

This protection plan offers up to two years of comprehensive coverage, and includes:

  • An online claims submission form
  • A (standard) 1 year warranty, beginning from the day you receive your product
  • A confirmation of payment as soon as we receive your payment
  • Reliable and responsible shipping. (We use a reputable, professional shipping company that has long been a partner of ours. They will assess your requirements on delivery date and cost, and choose a shipping route that best fits your needs.)
  • Technical support, ensuring that you have the right documents for the easy installation of your order.
  • Engineer support (local only), offering installation and training services to organisations local to Gemway.