Customers choose to purchase Gemway machines because we care about their safety and after-sales service. 

Our number one priority is user safety, and this can only be achieved through joint effort. You can help make a huge contribution to safety in your workplace if you and your employees:

  • Comply with the employer, work-site and governmental rules in your country.
  • Read, understand and follow instructions in Gemway's safety and operations manuals that are supplied with our machines.
  • Use common sense to engage safe work practices on-site.
  • Only use trained and/or qualified operators under the direction of informed supervisors to use Gemway machines.
  • Always read, understand and follow safety regulations and operating instructions in our operations manuals before using any machine.

NOTE: Operations manuals will be sent to you before you receive your product. Only trained and authorized personnel are permitted to use Gemway machines. Our operations manuals should be considered a permanent fixture of your machine. 

If you have any questions about safety in the workplace with Gemway machines, please contact one of our representatives today.