What are the advantages of MORN towable boom lift?


What are the advantages of MORN towable boom lift? Because of the social progress, the demand for towable boom lift is increasing. Then more and more manufacturers start to produce the towable boom lift. So there are many kind of towable boom lift in the market. As the one of the manufacturer, our towable boom lift is more popular. Our towable boom lift has so many advantages compare with other manufacturers.

1.Turntable system: Turntable platform with big load capacity. And slewing bearing adopt fence-mounted. (could be rotated 360°) Function: Guarantee the boom lift stability during rotation, waterproof and dust proof. IP65 We used is big, strong and durable turntable system.

2.Outriggers legs (It’s hydraulic and automatic) Guarantee the towable boom lift and worker safety during working.

3.The level of control Balance valve: Boom lift with balance valve imported from Italy. MORN Level gauge is auto, it could auto test if four sets support legs are not on the same level, if not as same level, the lift will stop work. (the light is red,do not to work; The light is green, the lift can start to work)

4.Brake Two brake systems (1). one brake line connect to the truck, if the truck stop, the boom lift brake immediately. (2). Another one brake by electric, if the truck brake light work, boom lift wheel brake work.

5.Balance valve: Each hydraulic cylinder has a balance valve. The balance valve is imported from Italy. And it has two function. (1). Prevent boom lift down and in case of the hydraulic oil pipe damaged and pres-relief. (2). Emergency down. The towable boom lift could be down by manual for guaranteeing workers safety when the power cut off.

6.Overflow valve If the case overload, the overflow will open. Then the boom lift will stop to work.

7. Hydraulic pipe and hydraulic lock value on cylinder: All the MORN hydraulic pipe use S shape hydraulic oil pipe. It is the special for the construction machine. Hydraulic lock value on cylinder which could lock oil when machine working. Its function is to prevent hydraulic oil back flow when the oil pipe accidental break. Better protect user’s safety.

8.Boom lock Towable boom lift, prevent boom sway during moving, in case of boom lift damage.

9.Warning alarm During boom lift work, warning alarm will work to remind surround people mind safety.

10.Emergency stop Each controller with one emergency stop, we could stop the boom lift work under any emergency situation.

These features make our boom lift more advantageous compare with other boom lift. If you are interested in our towable boom lift, please contact with us at any time. Looking forward to cooperating with you in near future.