The new technics of the wheelchair lift.


In order to make our wheelchair lifts safer and easy to transport, our engineer improved the technics of wheelchair lifts. In this way, our wheelchair lifts are more competitive in the market.


Chain breaking fall protection:

Sometimes there may be some faults during the use of wheelchair lifts. Our chain breaking fall protection technology can protect users’ safety when the wheelchair lift fails.

Here is a video showing the chain breaking fall protection. You can know more about the technics by the video.

If chain breaks during use of the wheelchair lift, the anti-falling gear will catch the guide rail. Platform will stop falling down.



The wheelchair lift can be completely disassembled during the transportation. In this way, it can save transport cost.

Please check the video to know about the installation of wheelchair lift.

The installation manual will be attached after packing. It will be very helpful for your job.


Should you have interest in wheelchair lift, do not hesitate to contact us. Hope to cooperate with you in the near future.