Morn Wheelchair lift for Philippines customer

2018-08-23 Last month, our company got an order of vertical wheelchair lift from our Philippines customer. He is buying the vertical home lift for his new building. Our wheelchair lift fits his requirement perfectly. The customer’s construction began last year. He started to look for suppliers from that time. We sent our quotation and introduced our wheelchair lift to him. Through our video and picture introduction, he got a general understanding about this home lift. We contacted with him again this year and told him that it would be the right time to buy the lift, which would be delivered to him in August. He could install the lift when his new building is ready. The biggest difficulty customer facing was the place to install the wheelchair lift. His installation size was small, there was no enough space between the stairway and wall for people to enter and exit after the wheelchair lift installed. Another problem is the exact height of the lift. Although facing these problems, our technical team designed the appropriate location according to his blueprint. We suggested him to install the wheelchair lift against the stairway and dig a small hole on the ceiling. This way the space could be saved and easy to reach the upper floor without other changes. We also offered drawing to him to provide an intuitive sight. For safety reason, we also recommended customer to add a landing door on the second floor. The landing door is mounted on the second floor to prevent kids or things from falling down to ensure safety. It has an electromagnetic lock. The door opens only when the wheelchair lift platform reaches the upper floor. Otherwise, the door would keep closed. The vertical wheelchair lift has been sent to customer this month and it will supply convenient and safe using experience for him and his family after being installed. Morn Lift always upholds the concept of safety first. It is our responsibility to provide customers with safe and durable products. And we would maintain this belief in all of our business. Do you also have interest in our vertical wheelchair lift? Please contact us freely. Our professional team is always at your service.