Portable Loading Dock, 8t

  • Loading capacity

    8t (17636lbs)
  • Working height

    1.1-1.7m (3.6-5.5ft)
  • Dimensions

    11.2*2*1.1m (36.7*6.5*3.6ft)
  • Easy one-person operation, so economizing on workers and increasing efficiency
  • Both manual power or electricity power options available
  • Bespoke options available according to your requirements; just ask us for a quote today


GEMWAY mobile loading ramp is different from others by its distinct characteristic. People can load and unload cargo from the container more easily by using dock ramps. And the forklifts can go up and down safely. GEMWAY dock ramps are exported to United States, France, Italy, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, Belgium and so on, more than 150 countries.


mobile loading ramp application
mobile loading ramp application
mobile loading ramp application
mobile loading ramp application

What we do is only for one aim, to provide a convenient access for the loading & unloading.


mobile loading ramp heavy duty legs

Heavy duty legs

mobile loading ramp solid tire and wheel blocks

Solid tire and Wheel blockers

mobile loading ramp full paved platform

Full paved platform

mobile loading ramp truss structure

Truss structure

mobile loading ramp manual bar

Manual bar

mobile loading ramp trailing device

Trailing device

Model Load(T) Working heigth Working grade Dimensions Power
MDR-8 8 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1 Manual or electric drive


Electric control system
mobile loading ramp control panle optional device
mobile loading ramp control box optional device

Adding the electric control system can help with more easily adjusting the ramp height.

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