Car platform lift, 4.5m

  • Lifting height

    6m (19.6ft)
  • Load capacity

    3000kg (6613lbs)
  • Platform size

    5* 2.5m (16.4*8.2ft)
  • Chain lifting platform with flexible lifting range and large loading capacity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hydraulic system for smooth movement
  • Simple operations system to ensure safety and reliability
  • Custom-made to best fit individual environments
  • Car lift platform can be installed inside or outside multi-storey buildings


Four-post car lift is a special hydraulic transportation conveyor to transport vehicles. It moves cars from one floor to another. It is mainly used in buildings, garages, auto 4s shops, etc, and especially suitable for building with shaft. Car lift is the safe and ideal automobile transportation equipment.Simple and convenient, it applies to a variety of architectural designs to save building space.


four post car lift application
four post car lift application
four post car lift application
four post car lift application

Four Post Car Lift is widely used in factory and warehouse. It transfers goods among mezzanines, basements, and any levels in multi-storied buildings.


vertical mast lift heavy Truck loading wheels make it easy to load the lift onto trucks by one man.

Control system

Forklift pockets make the forklift loads and unloads the aluminum mast lift easily.

Hydraulic Clinder

Auxiliary mobile wheels make it move easily on tough ground

Leaf Chain

four post car lift platform


four post car lift hydraulic pump station

Hydraulic pump station

four post car lift rail wheel

Rail wheel

Model Load Platform size Lifting height Pit depth Power
LRL3-3 3000kg 5*2.5m 3m 200mm 5.5kw
LRL3-6 3000kg 5*2.5m 6m 200mm 5.5kw
LRL5-3 5000kg 6*3m 3m 200mm 7.5kw
LRL5-6 5000kg 6*3m 6m 200mm 7.5kw
Four-post car lift is customizable in loading capacity, platform size and travel height.


cargo lift steel cabin
Stainless Steel Cabin
cargo lift roller shutter
Roller Shutter
cargo lift Double-motor for fast speed
Double-motor for fast speed

Varieties of options and solution to meet your different site requirement and applications.

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