Our Customers' Story

Gemway Machinery Maintains Great Relationships with All Its Customers

Customers visit our factory:

1. Mr. Ahmed from Egypt visited us on 10th March 2000. He signed a contract with us for 10 sets of double mast man lifts for distribution to his own customers.

2.Our wheelchair lift distributor in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Selim, is a frequent visitor to Gemway and always brings Saudi gifts to us, which are very much appreciated! Since first coming to us on 25th April 2004, he has ordered 4 sets of wheelchair lifts every month. 

3.Chilean siblings, Marco and elder sister Pamela, visited us on 17th November 2015 to test their 3 ordered sets of 5m lifting height electric scissor lifts. They were delighted with the simple and sturdy operation of their products.

Customer Feedback

“lift easy installed,excellent,well done.” -- Customer feedback from Lebanon about out 7m 5t cargo lift. 

“good quality, more effective now when loading and unloading to container.” -- Customer feedback from Uruguay about our 10t loading dock ramp after one month of use. 

"thumbs up!" -- Customer feedback from New Zealand about our scissor cargo lift after one year of use.

Gemway treats and cherishes each of its customers as good friends, and commercial partners. All customers are treated to delicious Chinese food when they visit us in our factory, and GEM machinery is always willing and happy to listen to customer feedback on the factory floor. 

Our customers are proof of our products' quality. We thank every customer who has trusted us, and provided us with their feedback.