Customer Care

Our customers come back to us because of our commitment to their orders all along the production line.

Here are our pre- and post-service guarantees:

Pre-sale Service

A quick response to your enquiry

We guarantee to respond to all enquiries within 12 hours

Communication with our expert advisors

We use a range of media – such as images, videos and line drawings – as confirmation of your requirements. Our team of on-hand experts is there to help you through the order process. Their specialist knowledge saves you time and gets the right product to your door.

Post-sale Service

Confirmation of payment

We will always inform you once we have received your payment. Upon receipt, we will arrange for the prompt production and delivery of your order.

Regular updates

We want to give you peace of mind that your order is being handled efficiently. To do this, we will keep you regularly updated on our progress and send you images of your order being prepared.

Reliable shipment

We use a reputable, professional shipping company that has long been a partner of ours. They will assess your requirements on delivery date and cost, and choose a shipping route that best fits your needs.

Technical support

We ensure that you have the right documents for the easy installation of your order.

Engineer support (local only)

Our engineers offer installation and training to local organizations.